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Assault 450TT DFC

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  • Assault 450TT DFC

    Brand new, never flown, just needs a motor, tail servo, and FBL control unit. Was going to install this into a scale fuselage but lost interest and am going a different route. Brand new Assault 450 pod and boom kit with supplied 13 tooth drive gear, brand new align main cf blades, tail blades, cyclic servos are digital metal gear, brand new castle talon 35 amp ESC, and AR6200 with remote receiver. Shipping negotiable

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    How much are you looking to get for it ?


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      Make me a reasonable offer, I have a box to ship it, couple months ago paid 130 for just the pod and boom. Then the cost of The three cyclic service, tail and rotor blades, receiver with satellite, and new Castle Talon 35 ESC. Plus I have a male to male connector for in case of a purchase of a gyro that didn’t include it. Just shoot me a price with shipping you think would be fair and I will consider it, if it doesn’t sell I might just keep it and use it for another 450 helicopter. I know I won’t recoup my money, I take a large hit most of the time on this stuff so I’m used to it, LOL. It is basically a align 450 pro! Thanks

      If I could get $175 for it roughly, I would throw in free shipping. But like I said, OBO. Even at what I’m selling it for I’ll probably still only make 125 bucks from the deal and lose my butt on it because I know how bad they slam us for shipping.


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        Some pictures of what it looks like in the fuselage.


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          How much for the smallest one?
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          Tired Iron Military Vehicles


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            that little guy is not for sale, a wore down can’t find parts for anymore Nine Eagles helicopter is where the body came from and I put it on a blade nano cps


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              Will do $150 shipped


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                Decided to keep, thanks!