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Pilot Painting Service

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  • Originally posted by Dirty Dee View Post
    Interesting how people also don't consider the time it takes to:
    prepare work area
    package/print shipping label/ mail out.

    If its such a simple job, shouldn't be an issue for him to do it himself and save some money
    My sentiments exactly. Do it your self if it's so easy.


    • My issue with this dude was he thought he was going to change my mind I guess. Add more work etc. Instead of just moving on he said all that shit and to what end? I have a minimum fee for me to even do something these days. I have plenty of work on the other side of things its not like I need rc work. I will do it sure but he made it seem like he was doing me a favor by allowing me to paint his crap. I cant help but think it was a teenager.
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      • Not surprised one bit by this after dealing with the R/C car crowd for years I can attest to the fact that they are "different" for lack of a better word. Flyers seem to have a better grasp of the work and cost involved in detailing our work.

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        • Originally posted by AkumaZeto View Post
          The nerve of this guy man what the hell is wrong with people. Telling me how to run my business
          AZ, Ditto DD. Free-Market Capitalism Rules. Figure he just wants somethin' fer nothin'. Better off not to get involved her, Pandora's Box comes to mind. Best, LB
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          • You know what? He can go somewhere else. I always figure that you get what you pay for and he'll probably find that out the hard way. Personally, I love the pilot I had you paint for me and I know that there is no way I could have done myself. I used to run across that all the time in the art world. You'd have a painting or a drawing that you could spend months on and people would want to pay $50!! Framed of course!!!
            The argument was that they could buy a Brenders or a Bateman instead, which I replied that if you were really looking for an oversized postcard that thousands of other people have hanging on their walls, feel free. But I can guaran-dang-tee that you are not going to lay your cheap little hands on an original Brenders or Bateman for no $50 framed so why compare apples to oranges!
            Stick to you guns, cheap bastards are just a way of life. There are plenty out there, myself included, that were amazed at the value we received.
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            • Well said! You get what you pay for in life!
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              • I could really use any and all work chaps.
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