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Last time buying from Motion Rc

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  • Last time buying from Motion Rc

    Buying from Motion Rc is a nightmare, not because of MotionRC but because of that damn useless FedEx. Latest delivery is now 5 days overdue with no communication or anything to say when I can expect it. And it’s not the same with all carriers as we keep getting told.
    Suggest you start using a horse and cart rather than FedEx it might be quicker.

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    So what you are saying is that you will no longer shop at Motion because of Shipping,
    AMA 424553


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      You do have shipping options when you check out.

      Not sure shipping issues are motions problem, but the carrier... Everywhere for everything across all carriers are experiencing shipping delays. Have you tried to contact FedEx as it seems there is were your problem lies???


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        No complaints about MotionRC but it’s just not worth the hassle when FedEx are involved. Other carriers in my opinion are much more reliable.


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          5 days overdue. How AWFUL!


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            Originally posted by kallend View Post
            5 days overdue. How AWFUL!
            AMA 424553


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              Both my orders from them were delayed a day each, FedEx. Thst was the past month.

              Both also came within a week... fine by me.

              I still prefer FedEx over UPS around here. They actually leave the packages on my porch out of the elements. And not at the nearest convenient place, which is by the garage..

              But, get real... we're living in a supply chain **** show right now. I'm surprised they even have products to sell.


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                Wow, shipping prices quadrupled?
                No USPS option any more and $20.00 minimum. Anyone know what happened to the $5.00 shipping fee, yeah I know the cost of gas etc, but why no USPS option anymore??

                Team Gross!


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                  My last order from Motion actually arrived a day early via Fedex. I usually try to add on some paint or accessories that I'll eventually use anyway to get the total up over $100 for free shipping.
                  I will admit that FedEx has been a nightmare for the last couple of years.
                  Hobbyking free shipping is for $200 orders now.