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450-600 size helicopter fuselages and scale parts FOR SALE

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  • 450-600 size helicopter fuselages and scale parts FOR SALE

    Anybody else noticed that smaller scale fuselages are becoming harder to find? I needed a 450 size AS-350 fuse to finish a 3 blade head project I started years ago and couldn't find one anywhere so I called Cliff at RCAerodyne and discovered he was sitting on some New/old stock that wasn't listed on their website so what did I do? Yep, I bought out most of what he had, so now the wife says I gotta get rid of some of my "junk" as she calls it. I will be selling off a lot of my "overstock". If you are looking for something that I don't have listed (especially 450 size multi-blade heads etc.) feel free to ask I might just have one laying around. Here's what I have for sale now:

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    I` m looking for a .30 / 550 size
    Jet ranger , MD500E , ecureil etc