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In search of........NOT FOR SALE. e-flight eratix 3d 25e

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  • In search of........NOT FOR SALE. e-flight eratix 3d 25e

    Ok so I purchased this plane many years ago for my dad as a birthday gift. One of the wings were damaged beyond repair so my dad trashed it and we never ordered a replacement. Long story short we pulled it out of the attic yesterday, and we both forgot how beautiful this plane is and how much fun it would be to fly. We're in search of a replacement wing or another plane just like it if anyone has one available.

    If not it would be great if someone knows this style of plane. I know its a 3d plane but there are all sorts of 3d planes, and I'd like to know the exact style of plane.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, and if I posted this in the wrong section I am sorry.


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    You can find out more about this plane here:
    It's discontinued and parts are no longer available. In your search, "3D" should be the key criteria if that's what you really want.


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      Thanks xviper