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Model Paint Jar Coverage Area? (Testor or Tamiya)

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  • Model Paint Jar Coverage Area? (Testor or Tamiya)

    Hey All.

    I'm curious if anyone knows the typical coverage area of a small tamiya or testor jar (10mL / 14mL), or if anyone has an example of how many jars they needed to repaint one of their planes. I'm waffling between either color matching latex paint to do my FW A-10 in the lizard scheme, or to just stick with model master acrylics for this one. I want to try to get a feeler of what the total cost would be for the repaint with the model paints as well as plan my purchase so I don't have to do multiple trips from running out mid-painting.

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    Hello DirtyD,
    When I did the Artic Camo on the A-10 I used approx. 4oz of paint.
    4 oz is equiv to 8-11 jars Tamiya/testors depending on the jar size.
    A 4 oz sample from HD/Lowes is about $4 whereas the same amount for Testors is $25-30.
    To me it is a no brainer
    Warbird Charlie

    ScaleTech OV-10 Bronco; HSD A1 Skyraider; FlightLine: F7F-2D, P-38 Allied Green, Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, P-51 Marie, F4U Olathe, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1500 Razor, 1700 F4U and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-10(RIP l/g parts used A-26), A-6, P-51 Iron Ass; VQ: P-39, JU-52; LX PBJ-1(B-25), P-40E; Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco, Catalina; Phoenix Spitfire; Maxford Antonov AN-2; Starmax L-4 Grasshopper; Eflite 1100 T-28 float; Tech1 P40; NP O-2 Skymaster; ASM A-26 Invader; ESM F7F-3


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      That's actually not as bad as I thought. I'd have to pick up 3 sample jars from HD for the scheme, so the price difference isn't all that horrible. Though I definitely agree ounce-for-ounce sample jars are a pretty good deal!


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        Posting my results after doing the European I scheme on the FW A-10. I used the 1/2oz model master acrylic jars:

        (2) Euro I Gray FS36081
        (3) Medium Green FS34102
        (4) Euro I Dark Green FS34092

        4.5 oz total.