Avanti S - The Ultimate 80mm EDF Sport Jet!

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    • Beautiful work, Baron! Love the FW.


      • I see you also are involved into what appears to be a rather large scale( O scale?) train set up.
        Welcome to Squawk and the other addiction
        Warbird Charlie

        ScaleTech OV-10 Bronco; HSD A1 Skyraider; FlightLine: F7F-2D, P-38 Allied Green, Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, Stuka, P-51 Marie, F4U Olathe, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1500 Razor and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-10 Artic Thunder, A-6, P-51; VQ: P-39, JU-52; LX PBJ-1(B-25); Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco, Catalina; Phoenix: Spitfire, Dauntless; Maxford Antonov AN-2; Starmax L-4 Grasshopper; Eflite 1100 T-28 float; Tech1 P40; Sonic Modell Pitts Python


        • OV10, the backyard railroad is "G" gauge or Garden railroad with 1,200 feet of track. I have attached a couple of pictures of the layout and some of the scratch built engines used on the railroad.

          Red Baron73


          • Nice looking layout you have there. And, some beautiful scratch work! I like your "Geese" as well. I'm a huge Rio Grande Southern fan. And, greetings from a fellow Tucsonan. Born and raised. Although I've been stuck out here on the East Coast for the last 25 years.


            • Originally posted by Plastic_Aviator View Post
              Hey guys!

              Started doing some detail work to my FMS 1700mm Corsair. Its obviously not going to be a complete paint job, just details and weathering. Completed and shown are the exhaust marks. Next i'll just be adding some more small details and some fading.
              Whats up brotha. we spoke on the IG the other day about your exhaust paint, and SD cards. Weathering looks great! I have my Corsair repaint thread on here as well.


              • Here is my P-38 After I weathered it. It's the first plane I've tried to do this with. Next step will be to give it another once over to make sure I haven't missed anything and then put the rest of the placard decals on it. It took me longer to research the Aircraft and watch YouTube videos on weathering than it did to actually do it.


                • Here's my Eflite 1.2m Corsair repainted. Still some touch ups to be done here and there.