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Dynam Lo Po 2200 14.8V 25c

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  • Dynam Lo Po 2200 14.8V 25c

    I have tried to charge this battery with 2 different chargers...the one that came with the plane and a imax b6ac v2. When i used the orginal charger it started smoking as soon as plug the battery in. On the imax it says reverse polarity. I noticed the balance connector ( pics below) seems to be wired incorrectly. The two groves on top that line up the balance connentor are reverse to the postive and negetive icons on the chargers. Pics below so you can see what happening. In one pic have an old park flyer 450 mah 11.1 volt next to the dynam to compare the connectors. Think battery is wired incorrectly for charging. Im still kinda new to this so can use some help. If i need to buy new battery any suggestion? I have a Dynam 1220 P47D. I flew lot begginner and one or two intermediate bout 10 years ago. So i decide to try this one to get back into it. Thanks.