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Smart Batteries

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  • Smart Batteries

    Any thoughts on the Smart battery chargers from isdt and Spektrum?
    What about the batteries?

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    My LHS just got some of the Spektrum chargers and batteries in stock.
    I picked up an S1200 DC charger and a 3S 3200 Ah smart battery.

    First impressions are that the isdt predecessor T8 lite feels a little more solid. The controls on the isdt also just feel a little better. The isdt wheel is really 4 buttons at each ordinal with the bottom one as a back button. The Spektrum uses a system more akin to the old iPods with a circular rotation motion to act as a scroller. The problem is it is easy to balst past display and menu items, especially the information specific to the smart battery

    ​​Both chargers are rally good at identifying the cell count of the battery. Just plug it in and it is already pre configured.

    Both chargers share a push and hold to get the system menu. With either charger you would never know this without carefully reading the manual.

    The isdt uses a smart version of the XT60 connector and so far I haven't seen any corresponding batteries or accessories.

    The smart batteries self monitor and record the number of charge cycles and if it has been over heated or excessively discharged. The internal resistance is monitored via the charger.

    I'm certain that the isdt and spektrum-brand charger are under the covers the same. I'm looking forward to seeing more batteries and accessories for this ecosystem. The ability to monitor the health of the battery is much superior to other systems and should mean fewer planes will be lost due to bad batteries


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      Another feature of these smart batteries is that after a user defined time, they will automatically go to storage mode. The user can also define what voltage is the storage level.