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Battery Substitutions

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  • Battery Substitutions

    Can you swap a Lipo battery for a Nimh battery if they are the same voltage?

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    Yes and no.

    Its never quite the same voltage. But the batteries go through a range of voltages from full charge to in need of recharge.

    You MUST use the correct charger for the type battery being used.

    You must verify that the full range from peak charge to time t recharge is appropriate for the device.

    NiCd/NiMh low voltage detection (if the device has it) is typically low enough (with the same peak voltage) that you would destroy the LiPo before the device turns itself off.

    Peak voltage of 2 S LiPo is essentially the same as peak for 6 cell NiCd.

    NiCd will take up at least double the space and 4 times the weight for the same total energy storage as a LiPo.

    I have a very old Tamaya Frog RC car. I got a new ESC for it to get the correct LVC so I can use LiPo. The original battery was 6 cell Sub C 1200 mah. I use a 2S 2000 mah LiPo that is tiny by comparison to the original battery.
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      what about Li ion?