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EC3 battery connectors

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  • EC3 battery connectors

    I now have an esc that is not good. Instead of holding it, can I remove the battery connector, which I could use, OR, is it too much trouble to separate the guts from the outside.


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    How much of it do you want? Just the EC3 connector? Or do you want the wires all the way to the ESC? If you just want the connector, just cut it with how ever much wiring you want. If you want all the wiring right to the ESC, that’s easy, too. If you cut the covering where the wires go into the ESC, you’ll see where they are soldered. You can use a soldering iron and heat it up and pull the wire out on each side or you can just cut it close to the solder.
    Just curious, what will you do with the connector? It’s not much good for anything except for another ESC. If you want to change the connector on another ESC to EC3, it’s easier to just buy a bunch of blanks and solder from scratch. It’s hard to get the ends out of the plastic part of the connector and if you try to solder while the bullets are inside the plastic, it’ll melt the heck out of it.