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Battery warming bags & 12V power supply

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  • Battery warming bags & 12V power supply

    I bought a couple of these from a big warehouse across western pond, and just got to fly with them a few days ago. They were designed to plug in a 3S lipo for power, or clip to a 12V power source.

    Net result - warm batteries all afternoon, full charges, and gobs of power. But a real PITA trying to keep 3S batteries charged to keep the bags going to keep my flight batteries warm.

    Suggestion - and it might be too late to have something ready for this winter - but you might consider carrying some of these electric-powered warming bags. To take things to the next level, sell a small 12V power source to power a small number of bags (1-4) in parallel so that people don't have to try to warm their flight batts by drawing on cold batts.

    I actually just bought your 450 watt adjustable voltage Hitec DC power source to power the bags for the remainder off the winter, because the bags have a max input voltage of 13V and I don't want to power my chargers with that low a voltage. In order to connect all 4 bags I'll need to make Y-cables for one of the DC outputs, and the bags themselves (annoyingly) have XT60 connectors for the power source so I'll need to switch some connectors out somewhere. A PITA but worth it for cold weather LIPO flight. That's also a more expensive solution than a lot of people would be interested in.

    If you can come up with a reasonably low-cost package with warming bags and a compatible power source (I think the ones I have a re max 2A per bag) I bet you could sell a ton in the winter months. Who is going to want to fly their $600 Yak with reduced power and capacity? :)

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    Re: Battery warming bags & 12V power supply

    Interesting. Will look into this.