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Graphine / Lipo Batteries in Motion RC's Future?

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    I just bought the 4's 5000 60 c and yes they are an 1 longer then the original but thin by a half an inch. My weather sucks here so hope to try them soon. using them in parallel for 8's for my tomcat 110 motor its going in my hanger 9 lancair legacy should be a great fit.


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      Thanks Twowingtj. BTW, we just doubled checked the weight of 5 different 4S 4000 packs. Most were at 388g and we had one at 394g. We weighed them on our calibrated shipping scales we use for small packages.


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        Thats very interesting information Tom. I am aware that carbon is a terrific conductor of electricity. They have been using carbon in the spark plug leads of car engines for many years. However Graphene is not a new material but it does have immense strength properties and its very light.



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          Have any of the dimensions on the Admiral Pro 6S 4000s changed? It was one of the only batteries that fit perfectly in my 500 heli. Otherwise, good news about the performance increase! Might have to look at a few battery purchases soon.


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            6S 4000 are nearly identical. I think the new ones are a couple mm longer and a few mm less thick with the same width