FlightLine RC Ta152H

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Using a voltage tester while in flight..

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  • Using a voltage tester while in flight..

    I've seen/read that it's ok to have one of those compact voltage testers on board while flying. Last wknd a friend and myself had an unexplainable crash with our birds and the only thing that I can narrow it down to is this tester. Anyone else run with one of these with any problems? Thanks in advance.

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    I've done that, and no, I've never had that problem.


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      Thanks Fred! From now on I'm just going to rely on my timer and forget about the voltage checker.


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        Just back from the field, ran 3 packs thru my FT22 with volt checker on it and no issue's. Think I'd dig a little deeper before I put that bird in the air again


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          The volt checker is not heavy?


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            The problem with using an onboard battery checker in the model is you can't actually see while the model is in flight. Unless you use a timer and time each flight the only other way would be to use an onboard telemetry system and have a read out on the TX screen.



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              Martin, the voltage checker that I'm using has an extremely loud beeper when the preset setting is reached. I intended to use it as an audio alarm.

              Crankestein......the unit is very small and light. 1"x1.250"x.375" at most.


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                I use 1 all the time. They have nill draw and are pretty easy to hear. That way I don't have to rely on the timer.


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                  I use a low voltage monitor in most my RC airplanes that have propellers. The ones that use them on is my EDF planes since they are so loud there is no point. I use the timer on my transmitter and I have never had my RC crash due to the LVM. The LVM weighs very little.