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Which program used to open file

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  • Which program used to open file

    I have the SkyRC BA6 v2 charger. I downloaded the program "Charge Master software. After the down load finished I was asked which program do I want to use to open the file. I downloaded the file from SkyRC company site. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Mike

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    What's the file extension (last three digits of the file, like EXE or PDF)?
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      Do you want to open it so you can edit it? If so most likely you can probably just use NOTEPAD. If you don't want to open to edit just save it to your desktop or someplace till you want to install.


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        The file is a compressed file, type RAR, that I am able to open with 7zip. If you add the extension .rar to the file you may already have a tool to open it. Or, there are many free tools to extract the files inside that you can find with a web search. The compressed files are ChargeMaster2.msi and setup.exe.


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          Thanks for the help. Added .rar to the file Then it opened. Again thanks to everyone who responded. Have a good one


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