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mobius2 white screen problem

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  • mobius2 white screen problem

    I have the mobius2 camera. It will take single shot photos ok. All the functions appear to be in proper working order however the recorded play backs are on a white screen. The SD card is a 30 class card. I have fully charged the battery. I have tried recording with the amber light and blue light functions both have the same outcome. When playing the recording the video indicator at bottom of screen moves across the screen but there is no video to see. I have programed the SD card with internal formatting of the camera. The SD card can be inserted into PC and will show photos but no video. I have not gone into the camera's internal program to change any of the parameters. What is the problem? Thank you for your help.

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    Go in and reset everything to default and start from scratch. If that doesn't do anything, it might be safe to assume the camera is kaput.