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RunCam 2

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  • RunCam 2

    I just had a chance to use the RunCam2 I got to replace a Mobius I had for four years . The picture I think is better than the Mobius granted mine was a older version . The biggest complaint I have is the low volume it has . I noticed on the videos I did flying today I needed to turn the volume up on my computer to hear get any sound out of it . There is some just very low , anyone else noticed this ?? It does have the latest firmware I double checked that prior to going out .

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    Make sure the mic hole isn't blocked or anything. Could be a bit of something lodged in it you may have missed.


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      The volume is really low on the Runcam. I have not figured out how to increase it.

      I like being able to change settings easily through the phone app. But I think the Mobius does a better job at white balance.
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        Guy on RCG classified is selling them for 69.00 shipped.Bought a grey version. Then bought a micro as at Best Buy. Now looking at how to setup. Just charge it up and go fly ?
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          No. You need to download the app to your phone, then set up the camera properly. You can change field of view, white balance, switch to photo mode, etc.
          A good glance a the directions wouldn't hurt. I also updated the firmware on my camera before doing anything. And put in a good sd card.

          At the field, you can also view your videos and download them to your phone through the wifi feature. However, that drains the camera battery pretty darn fast. I use a phone car charger to keep my camera charged.
          When my camera battery gets low, it displays a solid blue light and will not start filming nor switch on wifi. That's how you know it needs a charge.
          Meridian Aeromodelers, Meridian MS