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ROC Hobby V-Tail glider for FPV...

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  • ROC Hobby V-Tail glider for FPV...

    Since I got engrossed into FPV last year, I have several gliders & planes I will be converting for FPV. Months of homework/research produced some great setups for FPV & always the goal to minimize weight as much as possible. While doing my usual winter servicing/testing of all my planes for the upcoming flying season, I was checking the V-Tail for operation/functions, it suddenly popped into view as a really good looking platform for FPV. I already had been stocking up on components since last fall & started to assemble what looked to be a great, easy-to-do configuration. The cockpit was nice sized & the layout appeared to be an easy transformation. I laid out all the parts, carefully slid my Exacto along the canopy to remove it. Came off nicely. I already had a cam pan setup ready for another glider, so I decided to use it. The tiny Eachine TX03 camera was perfect. I had (6) Turnigy 1S 2000mah small Lipo's that would fit the bottom of the cockpit perfectly. After marking all the areas needing cutting, I put everything in place. Hmmmm.....looking good. Next was to get to the Tx programming required to get the pan feature to work. Now, that took some grey matter, although after a half-dozen trials, it all came to fruition. I'll post pics of that setup on the following updates. Here's a start of the pics & the links of the components I'm using.

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    That should be a nice setup