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Mobius cameras

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  • Mobius cameras

    I read somewhere the trade embargo with China has stopped shipping of Mobius cameras. The article also stated there are many cameras being sold under the Mobius brand name that are knock-offs. Curious as to how much of this information might be true as I am in the market for a Mobius camera and do not want to get skunked by a sham knockoff. In my search, one distributor in Australia said they get Mobius cameras shipped from China to Australia and they in turn ship them to the U.S. because of the embargo. Any thoughts on the subject relating to the accuracy of the information or personal experiences will be appreciated.

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    I can't speak to any trade embargo issues. But have you looked at the Runcam 2? As a videographer I have used both and they are pretty similar as far as function and features, and the runcam 2 is cheaper (on our website). We did a comparison video not too long ago either and for the video purposes we left the images raw as it comes out of the camera. But in a post-production software like Premiere, one can easily match the two cameras with some basic color correction.


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      Runcam has great picture but crap sound . The Mic is not good and picks up very little sound . I 've had two
      But Crashing is Landing


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        WHOOPS!! Did I post, embargo?? Darn! I meant to say tariff. The administrations tariffs on cameras is what I was trying to express. Gonna blame this error on age.
        Appreciate the responses and look forward to more.