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Hot glueing video transmitter

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  • Hot glueing video transmitter

    Has anyone used hot glue on electronics before? I mounted a camera on top of the Orbit wing. There's not much room for the video transmitter, There is a spot behind the camera. Was thinking on fixing it there with hot glue. Better check before I do this. I'll try to attach a pic. Re edit: I made a bracket. I just need to screw it into the video transmitter. Had some tiny screws lying around. I don't want this to overheat either. All good now.
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    Your bracket is a better long term solution, Skyboom!

    For the record, hot glue isn't ideal for most electronics, especially if it's an exposed PCB, and especially if it's high temperature hot glue. I've also found that hot glue can be tempermental in certain temperatures, and I noticed you're in BC.