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Best Handheld Camera for Flight Videos

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    Splendid write up on the Sony RX, Alpha. I bought one several years back and played around with it for a year or so before selling it. I forget which variant I had? Maybe the Mark III? In any event, it was an impressive little rig and I really enjoyed some of the special shooting modes... Slo-mo for example. But in the end I couldn’t justify a spot in any of my camera bags for it. But honestly that is only because I already have much more capable gear. Still love and use my Sony A6500 for video and stills, and my Pentax K1/Sigma 50-500 for inflight action. But the little Sony is definitely a viable and more affordable option for pilots looking for a good all around camera to generate media of this hobby. The Used section on BHPhoto is a great place to get gear at reduced prices.

    Edit: just went and confirmed ... my experiences were with the compact RX100. Slightly different animal and an entirely different conversation.