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Most Powerful Brushless Motors

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  • Most Powerful Brushless Motors

    Hello, for awhile I have had intentions of building a full size light sport aircraft, and I wanted to try and go electric. I already know that battery weight will be a huge consideration, but for now I just want to focus on the motor. So far, the strongest motor I have found is a 9800W one sold by Hobby King.

    This guy is huge, but even an ultralight would need 2-3 of them. Ideally, it would be nice to have one at least 90000W, but anything bigger would also be nice to keep my options open. My question then, is just how big are you able to get? What's already out there on the market I haven't yet found, or is this motor about as big as I can reasonable get for continuous power rating?

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    For modeling purposes we just don't go that large, so won't have much info on getting the 120 hp equivalent and larger motors.

    They exist, since there are now LSA (USA, Light Sport Aircraft) and larger electric aircraft being experimented with and manufactured.
    FF gliders and rubber power since 1966, CL 1970-1990, RC since 1975.

    current planes from 1/2 oz to 22 lbs


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      I even don't know much about this one. But your information will help me a lot.


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        Have you tried a Google search for “Light aircraft electric motor”? It might surprise you what you might find. Personally, I don’t know much about electric ultralight planes but I’m not so sure I’d trust a HobbyKing Turnigy motor with my life.


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          Try viewing this guys YouTube channel, he is currently building his third one (Peter Sripol former member of Flite Test)


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            Originally posted by HeadBison View Post
            Try viewing this guys YouTube channel, he is currently building his third one (Peter Sripol former member of Flite Test)
            I remember him from Flite Test. He's a very inventive and enthusiastic young fellow. I've seen his electric twin biplane fly (YouTube). I'm curious if any of his homemade ultralight planes are legally certified "experimental" flyable aircraft. Or is it OK to fly these things uncertified if they are flown entirely on private land and not too high.


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              Thank you @HeadBison for your reply here. I will surely watch this one.


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                Hacker makes some huge motors aimed at the light aircraft builders. Saw one at Toledo- massive!


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                  If people are looking for powerful electric motors i have found some at: