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Prop for Carbon Cub S +

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  • Prop for Carbon Cub S +

    I have a Horizon Hobby Carbon Cub S+. It has a 480 brushless 960kv motor with an 18 amp ESC. The plane came with a 9x6 prop. Can the motor and ESC handle a 9.5x7.5? Any thoughts on this for change and what it may do?

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    So I installed the 9.5x7.5 prop. I calculated the average amp by knowing mAh used and minutes ran. At 50% THR, the draw was 6 amps, at 75% THR, the draw was 12.5 amps.


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      I think the peak draw will be at max throttle. You should have seen what the draw really is at max. ESCs usually have a small overdraw allowance (maybe 10% more) for several seconds. You might not want to test it in the air or at least do so up high and with some kind of back up RX power so you can dead stick it.
      My rule of thumb is if you go up in diameter by 1”, you should come down in pitch by 1. You went up in both. I guess if you fly at well below max, you should be “OK”.


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        Thanks, I reinstalled the original prop until I can test more.


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          I have tried several props on mine, including this size you mention and slow flyer 9x6 which worked ok actually. The best results come from the one supplied/recommended/replacement...even though it looks a bit odd, it works the best.