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Turnigy G46 550kv jerks only

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  • Turnigy G46 550kv jerks only

    Turnigy G46 550kv problems

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to RC flying and just built a new Sig 40 Four star.

    The problem I have is that the Turnigy G46 550kv motor does not want to work.

    1) It gives a few jerks in any combination of the 3 x wires connected to the 60A ESC and 5s 5000ma battery. Two new motors does the same thing.

    2) Everything works well if I fit a 1.5 Eflite motor to the same 60A ESC only with a 3S battery as It is a smaller motor.

    3) I also tried it on a Turnigy Plush-32 60a ESC with the same effect???

    Please help or give advice

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    Welcome to Hobbysquawk. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. The common component to what you have described seems to be the G46 motor. Possibly a bad solder joint in one of the G46 leads?


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      Ronster Welcome to Hobby Squawk and welcome to the hobby!

      After checking that the leads are soldered well, as RCJetdude suggested, check the motor for an internal short.

      Here is a simple way to tell if your motor has an internal short.

      First, disconnect the three motor leads from anything and keep them from touching each other. Turn the motor over by hand to see what it feels like.

      Next, hold any two motor leads together and turn the motor over by hand again. If you feel increased resistance to turn it, there is an internal short.

      Repeat this process for all combinations of the other motor leads until you've tried them all, two at a time only.


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        Ronster I must correct my previous post. When doing the test touching two motor wires, you SHOULD feel an increase in resistance. If not, then there is a short. Sorry, it's been a while since I had done the test.


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          All fixed!
          It must have been a solder joint or to long wires as I extended them 6inches.
          cut them short and placed the bullet connectors on the short motor leads👍


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            Glad you've got it all worked out.