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Need help with a brushless motor

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  • Need help with a brushless motor

    Hello guys,

    Since I am a complete beginner in the RC world, I am looking for your help.
    My question is not completely related to RC, but I said to myself that I will try my luck here on this forum.
    Basically what I am looking to make is a tennis ball machine/robot. Here is what I have in mind:
    As you can see in this video dc brushed motors model 775 are used. What I am trying to do is the same ball machine, but with brushless motors.
    This is where I need your help guys.
    What would be a good brushless motor (alternative) for this kind of application? - I would still like to drive 2 125mm wheels on 1 shaft...
    I am looking for a brushless motor that would have a good ratio between power/speed and battery consumption.
    What would be your suggestions?

    Thank you for all your answers!