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Prop nut size for Admiral GP26 6330-245kV Brushless Motor

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  • Prop nut size for Admiral GP26 6330-245kV Brushless Motor

    Bought a couple of these from Motion RC. Looking to put into a 1930’s military plane and wanted a prop nut that looked a little more scale. Tried acorn nuts (12 mm X 1.75 mm) from Lowes and Bolt Depot, but they did not fit correctly. Tried a Harry Higley nut, but no luck. Any suggestions on a more suitable size? Thanks.

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    Hello 49Jeepster and welcome to the Squawk.

    A 12mm bolt comes in two different thread pitches......…… 1.75 and 1.50
    Since the 1.75 course pitch does not fit, the next logical step is the 1.5 fine pitch
    I zoomed the Motion product pics showing the prop bolt and it does appear to be the fine pitch.
    Good luck on your warbird spinner/nut search
    Warbird Charlie
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      Thanks. I still haven’t found one online or at the big box stores. Thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure.


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        I did find a source for metric acorn nuts that had the fine thread:
        Price was reasonable and shipping 1/2 of what the last company charged. If you are looking for some odd size, this might be a good place to look