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battery for twin settup

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  • battery for twin settup

    I have a Grumman Widgeon twin that I want to use 2- 5060 motors, and 2- 85 A ESC's on. The required battery for a single motor settup is 6s 3300mAh 30c. What size battery should I use for the twin settup? This is actually the motor and ESC used in the largest FMS planes.


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    It depends on what single motor FMS plane you are looking at. I have this motor in the 1700mm FMS Corsair and it uses a 5000mah, 6s battery. If you take a look at the twin motor FMS F7F Tigercat, it uses a single 5000mah, 6s battery. When going twins, you really don't need to go as high as 85 amps on the ESC, but that will provide a good margin for safety. Going twin 5060 motors, you could get by on a single 5000 but if the plane will balance and hold a 6000mah or bigger battery, why not? "C" rating on these prop jobs aren't too critical as in EDFs where you need high C. I think anything in the 40C range ought to do just fine, remembering that most brands of batteries that are labeled 40C are only pushing less than 20C in real world load tests.