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Hobbywing Platinum ESC 100 amp gen 3 in scale Ryan STA build.

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  • Hobbywing Platinum ESC 100 amp gen 3 in scale Ryan STA build.

    Got the thing programmed thanks to a club member (THANX DOC!) and as the maiden approaches, I’ve come up with a few questions (and Doc has been busy). I’ll just throw this out.

    Do I need a RX battery - looks like it comes with the lead for that.
    Did not plan to use the fan. Any issues there or ‘pro’s’ advocating I should use it?
    Power 60 from eFlite with a 4000 mAh 6S. Anyone see something I don’t, that may cause problems.
    Spektrum 6 channel - no stabilization.
    6 servos total - 2 Hitech low profile in wing for ailerons. 2 micro s for rudder and elevator and same for flaps (585s I think)
    I would appreciate any help getting her ready to maiden around first of March.
    Planning to make this my debut scale entry with the One Eight Air Force event in April to be held at our home field.

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    Still trying to get my head wrapped around hooking this thing up. So many ?’s ...

    It says it has a BEC, but there is a wire lead for a BEC.
    If I use a separate RX battery- why do I need a BEC?


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      I suspect you have it sorted by now since you have maidened.
      I was trying to work out how to program my 60 amp Hobbywing ESC and found my Turnigy Plush Programmer worked perfectly.


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        Club member had the HW and programmed it for me, showed me how to do it, and I bought the programmer just in case. Pretty sure I will use more of their ESCs.


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          Yeah they are really nice, my f86 esc (freewing 130 amp with external bec has been getting really hot when running. Has plenty of ventilation around it, and it is running a 6s fan/ motor freewing combo. I wouldn't think its too much for this setup as its not even needing half throttle to fly. Only go full out for take off... just seems strange