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Ztw esc problems

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  • Ztw esc problems

    Was wondering if anyone has experienced trouble with the Gecko esc's. I've been thru 2 now and all the same problem. If you advance the throttle fast they cut out, until you decrease the speed. The 1'st one is a 120amp, 2'nd 85. They both do the same thing. Sent the esc, motor combo to Motion to have tested, and with out load (prop) it was fine. Pulling out my HAIR on this one. Any help would be great !

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    RE: Ztw esc problems

    Are you aware of this firmware update?

    And this discussion. Don't ask how a poll is used in the trouble shooting tree.


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      RE: Ztw esc problems

      Looks like there was a serious sword fight going on in the Poll thread. I only own Mantis and type A ZTW esc s and love them.
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        RE: Ztw esc problems

        Fight no, but very different thought processes yes.

        What I'd like learn is how successful has the new firmware been.


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          RE: Ztw esc problems

          Originally posted by Jack
          Was wondering if anyone has experienced trouble with the Gecko esc's. I've been thru 2 now and all the same problem. If you advance the throttle fast they cut out, until you decrease the speed. The 1'st one is a 120amp, 2'nd 85. They both do the same thing. Sent the esc, motor combo to Motion to have tested, and with out load (prop) it was fine. Pulling out my HAIR on this one. Any help would be great !
          That sounds like you are demanding excess current vs what the battery can deliver and triggering LVC.
          Try paralleling 2 batteries. If that cures (or delays it) it you have your answer.

          Are the connectors between battery and ESC getting hot? That is an indication of not fully plugging in, bad contact or a bad solder joint. These can all act to limit current (that's why it gets hot)

          Are the wires getting hot? That would indicate a need for better wires (no idea what is on those ESCs or your batteries) For example you need 10 gauge aluminum to handle the current that 12 gauge copper can handle or if copper go to the next larger gauge. (at least)

          As the motor works to accelerate the prop (and aircraft)it demands higher current than at steady power. So it is very possible to need higher current during the transition than you need at steady full throttle. Make the transition rapid and you can drop effective voltage at the ESC to the point of triggering LVC.

          The testing of an ESC you send in might never find it because they might use a power supply that can deliver what is demanded... if they aren't testing THE SAME motor, ESC, battery AND PROP as a combo.
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            RE: Ztw esc problems

            The Gecko has a known issue with loosing computation (timing) as the throttle is moved fast. I've had multiple set ups were the Gecko failed as the throttle was moved fast. And the same exact hardware performed flawlessly when the ESC was changed to a Castle Creation Edge ESC (even one of a lower rating). The ZTW Gecko has an issue with low wind motors (high Kv). The firmware is aimed at addressing this timing issue. The Gecko user setting can address the battery high impedance cells just by lowering the LVC point. If it was a battery voltage suppression issues the battery would not last long even if reaching full throttle with slow stick movement.

            What the OP is reporting is the classic phenomenon that the new firmware is trying to address.

            My question was the new firmware successful or does ZTW need a hardware upgrade in the way of new inductors (EMF sensors)? For my motors (Hackers Scorpion, and Actro) the new firmware has been effective. But my situation is only one of a myriad possible combinations.

            "Cut out" if the ESC kills power to the motor and the motor just winds down. Then I too would look at a voltage suppression issue with the battery. If by "Cut Out" you notice a stuttering, screeching machine gun like sound and stays that way until you back down the throttle, then it is a commutation issue with the ESC.

            I went with the Gecko for the fast throttle response that is often lacking in some of the lesser ESC. (I have real issues with the E-flight XX Pro) The Gecko and Castle Creation have had very good throttle response and fair sized BECs.


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              RE: Ztw esc problems

              Thanks guys. Konrad you hit it point blank. When I said cut out, it sounds like an old chevy that's thrown a rod with the screeching, lol. Will try the firmware update (not sure how that works, but will figure it out) and get back to all. I am glad someone else has the same issues. Once again THANKS guys........Jack


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                RE: Ztw esc problems

                You will need this programing card and a Windows machine, plus the firmware down loaded from Altitude Hobbies.

                I can't count beeps or flashes so I also like to buy programing cards for all the ESC that I have. It makes life so much easier.

                Throwing a rod and screeching like it ran out of oil!
                I'll need to use that description more often.


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                  RE: Ztw esc problems

                  Hello folks, an update to my problem. Well I took Konrad's advice and did the firmware update from ZTW, and at this point it has worked great in the 85 amp esc. I did a static test, with an 1700 fms P51, for about 3 min of constant up down throttle, and no problem. Haven't hooked up the 125 amp yet, but feel confident the result will be the same. I am very great full of the advice learned from the forum! What a great resource. I hope this helps others.


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                    RE: Ztw esc problems

                    Great to hear! This kind of feedback is very important. I know it will help me in remote assessment of future issues here on Hobby Squawk.


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                      An update to my previous post. I did the firmware update to my 125amp Gecko and the same static test as the 85amp with the same results. The update resolved the issues in both esc's. Thought the members would like to know. Thanks..... Jack


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                        Good to learn it worked, not only for me but for you as well. And again thanks for closing the loop on these technical inquiries.


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                          I also had a problem with the Gecko 85A in a Freewing P51D upgrade using a 5S lipo. Testing with a wattmeter, when I got near the very top of the throttle range (just exceeding 80A) the motor just started to stutter and screech (thought I might have damaged the motor initially). Sounds similar to what Jack encountered. When I went back to the stock 4S battery it was OK.

                          After reading the threads here and on RCG, I downloaded and installed the Altitude Hobbies firmware and it seems to have resolved the problem using the 5S battery. I have two other Gecko 85A ESC's for future projects so I decided to go ahead and install the Altitude firmware on them as well. The installations went well except on the third ESC the transfer progress bar stopped at 98% and wouldn't continue. I tried to flash the firmware again but the progress bar would never even start. The ZTW software reported the same firmware version number for the 3rd ESC as the others I upgraded and I also tried it in the P51D 5S setup and had no throttle problems so it seems to be OK.

                          Thanks to everyone who contributed to the threads on this subject here on Hobby Squawk and on RCG.



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                            RCG=RCGoofs? Not as a result of the membership but rather their management! Lets keep this site family friendly and try not to mention RCG.

                            Glad it worked out even with the 98% notice. May I ask what OS you are using on your computer?


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                              Konrad, sorry about the other group reference :D, just trying to spread the love!

                              I'm using Windows 7 SP1 and I'm not sure why I had the issue on only the third ESC. Also not sure why I couldn't just re-flash the firmware. Maybe the Gecko software doesn't proceed if it already detects the same firmware version is already installed???



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                                Spreading something!:rolleyes:

                                I too have no idea as to why there would be any issue. I just like to collect any data points that might be useful, later in tracking down any problems.

                                And as always thanks for the data point and feedback.

                                All the best,


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                                  Having a problem getting my ZTW LCD programming card to light up.

                                  Have the ZTW 155amp HV Gecko Opto with a HV CC 20amp SBEC installed.

                                  Bought the ZTW LC D programming card so I could make sure timing was set to low for my FW 8S 1390kv edf setup.

                                  Plugged in the short cable from ESC to LCD Programming card. Turned on RX and plugged in battery. Nothing. Tried using a seperate 350mah 2S for power. Nothing.

                                  What am I doing wrong ?
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