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Admiral RX600SP 6-channel DSMX with Stability Plus Gyro

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  • Originally posted by RCAV8R View Post
    Hi guys...forgive me for not reading through all the past posts...I have a JR 9503 radio and while I can bind to the receiver fine, I would like to use the “C” mode and an on/off switch. My mix screens for mixes are different from Spectrum’s so I’m guessing. I set up a mix like the video and got the switch to activate the gyro but the gear won’t work. Does anyone have JR experience? Thanks! Rob
    I am at same spot, can only get mode A but can set advanced recovery, can't figure out how to assign channel for mix. aux 2 under switch activation has gyro


    • I'm not fully understanding your question. But, recently I was trying to use Combo C on a two position switch. I did everything according to the videos James has on Youtube. But, something wasn't working right. I can't remember what it was. Then I decided to put +5 instead of -5 in the mix, and it all started to work properly.


      • the problemis the way the JR9503 assigns switches and also mixes, can get gyro bound but can't get it to assign switch to select on/off


        • Need more rx's. When are they coming back in stock?


          • Try they are the same receivers


            • I am glad I found this forum. Here goes my first post.
              I am in the process of setting up a Sky Surfer X8 I recently purchased with an admiral RX600SP gyro receiver. My radio is a TX16S and I had no problem binding the receiver.
              I have my pots for the gain on the rudder and elevator turned all the way up and when I test to check the direction I am not getting much movement from the control surfaces.
              Why am I not seeing the same type of movement of these surfaces as in the Motion RC set-up video?

              I can see my servos with the canopy removed and see the servo arms moving when I rock the fuselage just not getting any noticeable movement. (Why?)

              Also, does anyone know how to set up the recovery mode on a TX16S radio?



              • 1. Are your rates at 100% in the TX?
                2. Which hole is the rod in at the servo arm?
                3. Which hole is the rod in at the control surface end?

                Can't help you with the radio. I don't use that kind.


                • Before I set my rates I was not getting much movement. I set my low rates to 75%, 25% expo and my high rates to 100%, 20% expo.
                  The elevator and rudder push rods were in the outer most hole at the servos; I can't get to these to move the push rods.
                  I have both my rudder in the first hole and elevator set in the second hole furthest from the control surface.

                  With the sky surfer I find that if I move the rods at the control horns to the innermost hole for more throw I get some binding at the push rods.
                  There is plenty of throw with these settings.

                  I had to bend the pushrods to line them up with the control horns for smoother action.

                  See pictures below.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  • Do you get the throws back when you turn the gains to zero? Is it possible that you accidentally somehow set the gyro in "recovery" mode? In recovery mode, throws are quite limited.