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Hobby Eagle A3 6 Axis Airplane Gyro w/ Auto Balance & FrSky x8R

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    Originally posted by Richrfl View Post
    Gents, does anyone knows if there is a converter to bring the A3 Data Port data into the X8R SPort?
    Never heard of that before. The SPort is telemetry. There is no telemetry on a A3.


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      I have been using the A3 Super II with the X8R for a while now in several different planes. I have never got the auto-level feature to work to recover a plane from unusual attitudes. The ET Guardian's self level mode works great and is my go to stab on most of my bigger planes.


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        I think I know the answer but thought I would check to see others are doing - I have a A3V1 I plan to put in my P51 but the manual says to plug the capacitor in an open servo slot in the RX or A3 ... I don't have any open slots and was planning on using a "Y" cable ... this should be OK right? Didn't get any response from Hobby Eagle.


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          Just try to use a short Y cable. Its better than nothing. I always use an SBus connection between RX and A3, so I have available ports at either of them. Given the size of the capacitor, it seems to filter relatively low frequencies in the power supply that may affect the gyro operation, assuming the power comes from an ESC or BEC.