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Kopilot lite

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  • Kopilot lite

    I would like to install a simple controller to install this one seems interesting to me but I do not see the configurations with my spektrum radio someone knows this material where is there another similar and compatible spektrum model? thank you

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    Like most of these devices, these are not dependent upon the type of radio you are using. I've been using similar devices for years but in my case, I've been using the HobbyKing Turnigy T1000FC and the Bigaole (derived from the Turnigy) "return to home" modules. The thing you must do (as per the instructions) is to remove any "wing type" selections you may have made. It should be set to the default of "normal wing/tail". Then, you must be able to assign a 3-position switch to control the "modes". The modes will vary from one brand of flight controller to another. In the case of my T1000FC, the modes are "stabilized, heading/altitude hold and RTH (return home)". My Bigaole modes are "no stability, stability ON and RTH". Others will have a variation on this theme.
    If you only have a 2-positio switch, then you are restricted to OFF (or stabilized) mode or RTH. If you don't understand how to set up your switch on your radio or to know how to select the wing type, then you must read the instructions for the radio to find out how. No such devices will give you step by step instructions on how to do this for any specific brand of radio because the applications for them is the same sort of set up for all radios.
    As a side note, do you really need your plane to "come home"? This is usually for planes like sailplanes that go very far away or for when you are flying FPV when a plane can easily be out of sight and lost. You must also understand how these things work. Many of these controllers (especially the cheap ones), must have the throttle set manually at the time you select RTH so that the plane has sufficient power to fly itself back to you if it's going against the wind. Only the really expensive units can be programmed to set the throttle. For cheap ones like what you've got, you must set the throttle OR, you must have some sort of failsafe receiver that can have the throttle set automatically when the signal is lost or when you shut the TX off (to simulate losing signal).

    Here, have a look at this ..................................


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      I also would recommend a simple flight controller.
      All this stuff with GPS and Return-Home function only half works.
      What you most need is a stabilizer for aileron and elevator.
      Here the easy solutions are Lemon StabPlus, Admiral Plus or a little more expensive the Eagletree Guardian.
      I personally prefer the Guardian. Setup takes five minutes.


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        thank you for these precious tips it's finally clear


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          I already installed admiral rx600sp I have not yet tried because of the confinement I would do the test soon but I was looking for something else for another device
          I already installed admiral rx600sp I have not yet tried because of the confinement I would do the test soon but I was looking for something else for another device


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            Hi Mady74,

            Better quality is for sure the Eagletree Guardian. Admiral SP is basically a copy of Lemon StabPlus. Both are not bad and cheap: receiver and stabilizer (with recovery) in one piece.


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              ZOHD is well made but is based around FRY SKY TARANIS mode 2 receivers with S Bus connectivity . The whole manual needs to revised to accomodate different Transmitter & Receiver PWM wiring connections. Thus MUST be done by the manufacturer- not a reliance on the plethora of googled well meaning but often confusing videos posted by enthusiasts.