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Gyro receiver and TX

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  • Gyro receiver and TX

    " ADMIRAL DSMP/6 Channel Stabilizer receiver "..
    OK guys, here is the stupid question of the day.

    Just purchased above mention receiver with no instructions. I know that I can set it up for an model with NO rudder. Question is, does this receiver need to be binded to the TX in any certain way for the gyro function to work ? Or, will it work by just setting the switches on the receiver and install it ?

    Told you it was a stupid question !😏

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    Oops, correction .................. It gets bound like any RX does. If you go to the product page at Motion and look at the "support" tab, you will find a "quick start" guide and a whole series of instructional videos.

    PS. Don't just put it into the plane and fly it. You must set the gains and wing type. Best to look at the guide and videos. There may be certain features that you want to have and those require different set up and binding procedure.


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      I realize that MODEL TYPE, aileron, throttle, elevator switch's must be selected on the RX. I was wondering if that is all that is required ? Or do you also have to do some mixing with the TX ? If that is the case, I might just shut down the gyro portion of the RX and just use it as a regular receiver.


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        Yes, there is mixing involved IF you want certain features to work via switches and buttons. The guides and videos show it all.


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          What has been confusing me, is that I have seen other GYRO / AUTO PILOT receivers that all you had to do was neutralize your transmitter sticks and the aircraft would right itself, no matter what configuration it was in. Nothing had to be mixed with the transmitter. I guess that I assumed that is the way that this gyro receiver would work. I assumed that all you had to do was neutralize you elevator, aileron and rudder transmitter sticks and the gyro receiver would operate and right the aircraft.


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            This one doesn't do that. It's called "recovery mode" but you have to throw a switch or push the bind button and those must be programmed and mixed. Please take a look at the videos, etc.


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              Before anything else, I just want to say thank you for your help and advise. I have spent some time this afternoon watching the video's. I now am going to play with it on the work bench to get a handle on how everything works. If perhaps I do not care for the recovery mode, I may just shut it off and use it as regular receiver. Thanks again ................. ✈


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                "Recovery" mode has never worked on this type of device. I use primarily the Lemon equivalent and I've never managed to make it work. I've also had a similar mode on an early version HobbyEagle gyro and it made my plane go crazy and uncontrollable. Luckily I tried it really high up and it was, of course on a switch. The only device where it worked for me was with the Spektrum AR636 with SAFE and it did what you have understood it to be .......................... take your hands off the sticks and the plane finds level and flies straight. So, if you have trouble getting your RX to function on "recovery", don't be too discouraged. I think more than just myself has had trouble with it.


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                  Decided today, the hell with gyro and recovery receivers. Sent the receiver back and ordered just a straight forward receiver. If their is a malfunction or a crash, at least I will know it was on my end.🤪