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  • gyro???

    I have been reading some on gyros in RC planes. I just bought a great planes 300 sp from a guy on RC Forums. I have never flown a plane like this before, mostly 1400mm warbirds are my planes of choice. Are gyros a good thing? And can you use them with any receiver? I have hitecs in all of my planes. Here in NC we have windy days frequently. And with foamies, its not fun. So if anyone has any experience with gyros and can give me some information on these,,,,, like do I really need them, what's the best type to purchase and maybe hit a little on the set up it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks everyone!!

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    Re: gyro???

    I have 3 planes with electronic stabilization. To be honest, I don't see that much difference. I've found that about 40% expo makes more difference than anything for smooth control. The Doctor