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Tail Servo Creep with Ikon 2

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  • Tail Servo Creep with Ikon 2

    My tail servo will slowly creep from neutral to max R throw on boot up. Ikon 2 initializes, then the servo starts slowly moving. I’ve read many posts on other forums referencing this issue so am comfortable it’s just not my unit. Ikon has never been in a crash, either. Swapped tail servos without help. One suggestion was to increase the tail stick deadband value from the default 3 in Ikon advanced menu but I have it set to the max of 10 now & didn’t help. Some posts on forums just advise to ignore it, but very annoying on spoolup to deal with a wandering tail. Ikon in HH mode, gain value at 48% presently. Changing gain doesn’t help the creeping either. Servo doesn’t creep in Rate mode, however. All ideas much appreciated!