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Hobby Eagle A3 Pro on a Spektrum DX8e TX

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  • Hobby Eagle A3 Pro on a Spektrum DX8e TX

    Hi folks, I'm new to this site and also new to adding gyros to planes. I have about 50 years of flying experience and just now trying to install an A3 Pro gyro. On reading the user manual for the A3, it says on page 5 that there are 6 different flight modes that can be put on a three position switch. I've built a test board with everything laid out on it to see how it all works but just can't wrap my head around a three position switch having 6 functions. Any help would be appreciated.

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    On page 10 see table 3 ..''Set up menu'' . Function #3 is where you choose the 3 of 6 modes you want to use .


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      6 different modes are available to you, but you can only have 3 of them at any given time, depending on how you set it up. (Kinda what Hemidoo said but different words.)


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        OK, so I can only have three modes active at any given time. I figured this was the case, but the way the manual is written, implies that all 6 modes are active on one switch all the time. Sure wish some of these manuals were better written.


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          I printed the manual out on paper ( Old school i know ) Made it easier to follow for me . Swapping out the modes takes like 30 seconds once i figured it out !


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            Can you tell me what your settings are, I'm still trying to figure it all out. What radio are you using?


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              I'm using the DX8 gen 2 , Not really sure what settings your looking for ? On my flyzone extra300 I have the setting of .. Off .. Normal gyro.. And 3D set up on a 3 way switch . On my Freewing Avanti I just use off and normal gyro set up on a switch as well