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Proper Gyro Servo Frequency for Freewing Digital Servos

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  • Proper Gyro Servo Frequency for Freewing Digital Servos

    Alpha, Tom, Marc, or anyone in the know,

    Has a particular servo frequency been confirmed and recommended to be used with Gyro’s (specifically the Hobby Eagle) for the stock Freewing digital servos like the ones that come on the L-39 or previous Freewing aircraft with digital servos?

    I’ have kept the frequency on 50Hz, which typically seems recommended for analog servos. I am only doing so to play it on the safe side until I hear from Motion RC to confirm whether or not it can be increased safely without risk of burning out the digital servos. Everything works smooth at this low frequency, but if it can be increased to provide even more benefit safely, I would like to do so.


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    I've been wondering the same. Recently replaced the ailerons servos on my Bearcat with HS 65Hbs, which seem to prefer a higher frequency. However, I don't want to ruin the stock servos if I go to a higher freq.


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      I have not been able to find a concrete answer to the question in the various threads that talk about gyros and Freewing planes, specifically ones with digital servos. I figured creating this thread may be a good idea to potentially have an answer in one easy to find place.


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        Hey T-Cat, in all our testing at Freewing with various gyros (Hobby Eagle, HK, Lemon, Admiral, SAFE, etc) I can't remember ever changing from the default. 50 hertz is safe and what has been used there for years. We helped develop the recent series of Freewing digital servos at the PCB level. From Freewing's point of view, as a general PNP model manufacturer their goal was to have a servo that wouldn't require a specialty frequency to operate well.

        If someone wanted to test other frequencies, I'd encourage them to post their results here.

        One of these days I could share a picture of the factory's servo torture testing apparatus. It's quite brutal, i.e. I like it.


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          Thanks Alpha. I truly appreciate it. That’s good to know as I’ll keep the default 50Hz and do some analyzing of higher frequencies in time to see if any differences appear, positive or negative.

          P.S. I would love to see that servo apparatus, ha-ha. A picture or a movie of the servo machine is perfect for that Halloween time feel.