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Hobby Eagle A3S3 remote master gain setup on ix12–cant get it to work

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  • Hobby Eagle A3S3 remote master gain setup on ix12–cant get it to work

    Hi guys,
    I just am putting the final touches on my FW F-35 using a 10-ch Admiral RX and a HE A3S3 gyro. Everything is working correctly except my master gain knob. It has no effect on the gain whatsoever.

    I have 3 modes programmed on my B switch...gyro off, gyro on and auto level. All work fine. I have the channels assigned as follows:
    1 Throt; 2 ail; 3 ele, 4 rudd; 5 gear; 6 aux 1 ( gyro MODE); and 7 aux2 ((Gain) assigned to Rt knob. On the TX monitor page everything moves and displays normally. However when I rotate the knob, there is no change in the master gain. On the HE software, the basic gain for each control is set for 60%.

    The software at the bottom of the RADIO tab shows A E R A2 in green, E2 and G greyed out and M in green. When I move the right knob, the A2 slider bar moves. The Gain bar never moves. Mide shows and displays fine. When I go to the SERVO tab...there is an OUT4 that moves when the knob is moved...but I have nothing plugged in to OUT4 on the gyro. To add to the confusion, on the Gyro and Gain tab of the software, Elevator 2 has the reverse box marked in light grey and is unchangeable. Don’t know what that means.

    So I'm stuck as far as Remote Master gain is concerned. Would sure appreciate help! Thanks.

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    PROBLEM SOLVED: a forum member on RCG--an expert on the HE gyros unlocked the mystery for me. The servo wire at the RX for the Gain channel must be reversed compared to all other wires. The brown (ground) wire must be on top--'cause it is the signal wire for the Gain channel. The other two wires are pass-through for another purpose (Ail2 or Ele2 if installed, or others). Go figure--I would have never come up with that solution. Forums are a great thing.