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ikon2 flybarless need extra channels

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  • ikon2 flybarless need extra channels

    Hi Guys ,new to Hobby Squawk, I live in Australia need a little help hoping some one is fimiliar with the ikon2i have a align 600 which I am going to fit into a airwolf,i have the ikon2 flybarless installed and working fine
    the retracts servo is on ch2 on the ikon, throttle ch1 the only spare channel I have left is ch3 with that channel I want to use that port and connect it to my sound card to run the machine gun sounds,
    on the transmitter the only spare switch is the r knob(spektrum dx8) when I go into the wizard I have no idea how to get ch3 working don't know even if this is possible have looked everywhere but cant find any
    info on this maybe some one out there has a similar setup.
    Thanks Guys.

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    Hi kjboz,

    The ikon only has one aux channel (ch2) that can be used for retracts or other accessories. If you want to use more than one aux channel, you'll need to use a external 8 channel receiver and assign your channels as desired from there. As a note, you will have to sacrifice a capability (either selectable flight mode, or adjustable tail gain) in order to have enough free channels to control sound system input.


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      Thanks F106 Delta Dart,
      When you say use a external 8 channel receiver would I still be using the ikon2, would the receiver be connected to the ikon or would I have to replace the ikon
      altogether sorry if I come across a little vague here but this is my first flybarless setup really do not want to replace the ikon as I'm really happy with the setup
      and I have it flying really nicely, I have tail gain switch on my radio but I could set it up in software no problem, at the end of the day if I cant get the extra
      channel its no big deal but it would be nice to have the machine gun sounds.
      Thanks again.


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        The receiver would be connected to the ikon2 instead of using the unit itself as an integrated receiver. You could then choose not to connect anything to the tail gain channel, and set it in software, and use that channel instead for the sound system.


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          Ok thanks for that i'll definitely look into using the receiver, I have a 8 channel receiver that I can try.