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A3-6 Hobby Eagle remote gain question

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  • A3-6 Hobby Eagle remote gain question

    Hey all,
    The manual says you can program a 3 position switch to adjust remote gain if you don't have sliders or a knob. However it doesn't say how. It says in one place if you don't connect gain it will be set to 100% as default, and in another place it says if you don't connect it the gyro will work properly without connecting this channel. So.. With a 3 postion switch to remote gain would you adjust the parameters of the switch on the transmitter? Appreciate the help.

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    Are you talking about the A3, which is a 6-axis airplane gyro?
    I use a few of these and I believe you are not quite understanding what plugs into where. The MOD port is plugged into a 3-way switch, which you must program your TX which one to use. In this configuration, each of the 3 positions will give you 3 of the 4 flight modes, depending on how you program the HobbyEagle. The gain pots must still be adjusted to the suitable levels. If you don't have a slider or a knob, then nothing gets plugged into the GAIN port. When using the GAIN on a knob, then the knob (or slider) gives you from zero to 100% of whatever your gain pots are set at on the unit. If you plug GAIN into a 3-position switch, then you something like zero gain, mid-gain and full gain as it relates to how the pots are set. If you have a second 3-position switch, then you can get the 3 flight modes via the MOD port.


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      I understand about the plugs. I was under the impression that you could adjust the gain while airborne using a 3 position switch instead of slider/knob. Another words if I want to set a switch to change gain on normal mode pot only can it be done. It says in directions but doesnt show how.


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        Here is the segment from instructions. Click image for larger version

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          Like I already said, you can use a 3-position switch for gain, BUT, this will only give you 3 possibly gain settings (ie, 3-level gain control). The typical 3-position switch selects numerical values of -100, 0 and +100. You can sometimes (depending on your TX) make adjustments to these values. Typically, "0" is considered "mid-gain", so if your pots are at 50% (middle setting), then "0" on the switch would be equivalent to 25%. And again, as I already said, if you have another 3-position switch on your TX, you can use it to select "modes". If you only have a 2-position switch, you can then only have 2 modes.
          Let's say you want to have 3 possible gain settings. You must decide what those should be. If you have all the pots turned all the way up (ie, 100%), then you need to program your TX so you can select fractions of that. On my planes using this gyro, the best gain is somewhere between 25% and 50% on the knob. That being the case, if you're using a switch, then you want the lower two positions to read something like -50 and 0. The highest position can be anything between 50% and 100%. Depending on which switch you use, you can either use "servo travel" OR use the flap switch (which is usually but not always, Ch. 6 or AUX1 on a Spektrum) by selecting "wing type" that includes "1 flap". That opens up your flap menu and you can make adjustments for % in there. You must assign that switch to the channel that you use to plug in GAIN. This is no different than if you use a rotary knob, which is generally Ch. 8, but if you don't have a RX with a Ch. 8, then you can plug it into any unused channel and assign the knob to that channel.
          The Hobby Eagle manual will not tell you how to do this because each TX and each TX brand is different and this is something that, as the operator of that TX, you should know how to do by reading the manual for the TX.
          PS. Not knowing what kind of radio and Rx you are using or how many channels your plane is already using, all of the above advice is fairly generic. Had you indicated exactly what you have, then someone with that same situation could have come in to give very specific help.


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            Got it. And thanks for your patience!
            Btw. Hitec Aurora 9X. Taranis X9D. Old Dx8. A few planes.


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              I'm familiar with the old DX8 and some of my HobbyEagle stabs started in planes using that. The other brands, not so much but the principles should be the same for programming switches.