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Trouble Setting Up A3-L

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  • Trouble Setting Up A3-L


    I have installed my A3-L in my Stinger. I have attached the aileron, elevator and rudder as directed and attached the gain input to an open channel aux 3. Aux 3 is programmed in the radio to a 3 position switch for the moment. According to connection to a standard receiver, I have the option to omit the Mod connection which will leave the gyro in the default NORMAL mode.

    I have gone through the set up menus 1-7 and have programmed everything to be in the blue normal/standard mode.

    Here is what I have going on.

    1. Blinking red light.
    2. On powering up, the gyro does not go through its power up sequence.
    3. I have no control of any flight surface.

    Any help troubleshooting this would be appreciated!


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    Double check polarity and make sure the servos from the plane are not mistakenly in the wrong place. The out 123 are really the input from plane. The Ail Rud Ele output to rx.


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      Ok, dumb me!!

      i found another blinking red light post. And I had my input and output reversed!!! So I switched them around and now I have a solid blue light, control of surfaces and it is correcting in the right directions. So far so good.

      Now, based on other posts it seems popular to turn the normal pot on the gyro all the way up and adjust it via the radio. Here is what I did.

      I run a Dx18 and have the gain input plugged into Aux 3. I have assigned the left "trim" switch to Aux3 and can adjust Aux3 on this switch from -100 To 100 by pushing the switch up or down.

      My question now is apparently from -100 To 100 seems to have no effect on the Gyro? Shouldn't at -100 or 100 which ever end turns the gain down the Gyro be essentially off?

      guys, let me know your thoughts on this set up. I just want to fly it today!!

      Also, any quick ball park battery placements done one can suggest for CG? I'm running 5000 mah Gens Ace packs. Has anyone ever had to add weight to get the suggested CG?

      Thanks guys!