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One of the coolest things I've seen in the hobby

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  • One of the coolest things I've seen in the hobby

    While at the field yesterday, one of our members, a highly accomplished 3D heli pilot and an AA captain demonstrated a new toy he was testing. He told me he was looking for something new to keep his interest alive. He found it.

    Real , physical flight controls tied -in to his DX9. The setup comes with a yoke and rudder pedals as well as a collective quadrant for heli flying. The collective controls shown in the picture (right) can be swapped out with a throttle quadrant for fixed wing flying. He had a Dx8 working with his DX9 to show buddy boxing. Imagine flying your new F4 Phantom sitting in the cockpit

    I actually sat in the chair to get a feel for what it is like. Very cool. Now you can experience flying as if you're sitting in the left seat. A second transmitter could be used for buddy boxing or for back-up

    Apparently, this rig was developed for the PC simulator world and is commercially available for about $1,300. The quality and fit and finish is really good.

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    Wow that is very cool!


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      I think that is the next BIG THING in RC, an interactive pilot seat that binds with your radio. That will bring flying rc to the next level.


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        A few concerns though. He wants to have a check airman on the buddy box until he gains more confidence. Wouldn't want a 100mph edf to go zipping behind you. Eek ! The yoke, collective and rudder pedals are very realistic in terms of sensitivity. He said it was like learning to fly all over again and he's an airline captain. I like it. Now if only we could get a prominent RC development company / retailer with ties to China to mass produce, we could get the cost down to the $400-$500 range.

        Imagine flying the F4 Phantom with realistic hand and foot controls versus joy sticks. What a hoot that would be. I'd go and buy a Navy surplus flighter helmut. Then come home and plug into your RC sim or your PC and fly Cat 3's into Heathrow.

        Maybe it's far fetched but that's what we said about the driverless car.


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          Seen this from a buddy of mine who is a member of that same field. I would use it only for fpv.


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            Well have it for the Snowball Express Warbirds over Grapevine in October.



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              Sounds good


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                Yep, throw on a set of 3D FPV glasses that the new flight sim is capable of using and its as close to being there as you could get.
                My biggest complaint about Flight Sim 7 is that you couldn't glance over to the sock unless you groped for a keyboard button, but with the glasses is would be much better, with this, it would be K/A!!