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retractable gears and doors

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  • retractable gears and doors

    hello there,need help to find the proper retracts and doors for Phantom F4 unfortunatly plan does not specify what is the proper size or model,build from balsa and plywood,overall lenght 62 1/2" wing span 44 1/4"
    thanks a lot

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    Hi Ioannis, welcome to Hobby Squawk! Would you please be more specific about your model, so we can help you out with more accurate information? Which kit are you building, or is it one of your own? If it is a known kit on the market, perhaps there's information available as to which retract sizes and strut lengths are best suited for an model of that size and projected finished weight.


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      thanks for your respond,my model is from RC modeler magazine plan #1076 (if I am not mistaken,i am not home right now)weight is about 2kilos? wing span is 44 1/4 and overall lengt is 62 1/2" semi scale,I use a 90 mad trust EDF..hope this is enough,otherwise when I return home I will give you more the way the magazine is Nov. 1997,sorry I couldn't be any more help.
      regards ioannis133


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        I hope you got the information you were looking for; sorry I canít help but I do also have a retract issue.

        Iím purchasing a Dynam Grand Cruiser from Motion and there are quite a few stories about the stock retracts failing to drop down for landings. Can anyone one suggest drop in retracts that fit from a vendor that has a better proven track record for reliability.

        regards, john


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          Hi John,
          I have four Dynam Grand Cruisers (3 of which I've customized) and all of the retracts are disconnected from the RX due to the issues you've read about. It's true. They're unreliable. I really like the air frame thus my reason for purchasing so many. The other components on the plane are okay. But unlike FMS, I've determined that this brand requires a little more TLC. My attention was drawn from these planes to an old large scale Cessna 421 that had a very weak landing support system, too. So, I decided to try a set of heavy duty retracts which I purchased on eBay - Heavy Duty Nose & Main Servoless Electric Retract Up To 5kg - and I added a 10A UBEC. This was needed to provide sufficient power to the retracts. They have metal gears and the nose has a metal trunnion. I added a set of Oleo aluminum struts which are really nice too. Since this was a successful mod, I've decided to upgrade one of the DGC's retracts with a similar setup, but lighter and it will also include a new UBEC. I haven't purchased the parts yet. But it will be my next mod for my latest customized DGC. If you look up the RC Group member, CaptMoMo, under Dynam Grand Cruiser, he made similar mods to his DGC and they look really good.


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            Nice craftsmanship on installing those retracts. I also think the paint scheme you got going on here are really sharp too.
            I love the Grand Cruiser (Cessna 310) people at the airfield always take a second look at this retro streamlined ship. Itís easy to fly and land with the optional flaps and looks great in the sky.
            This plane was made famous back in the dayĒ with the Sky King TV series which featured the Cessna 310 (aka Grand Cruiser) with tip fuel tanks.
            By the way the eflite EFLG1590M 15 size 90 degree main retracts are a drop in that has been working fine for me $26 bucks
            Happy summer flying