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Using Freewing & Dynam servos in the same plane

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  • Using Freewing & Dynam servos in the same plane

    I purchased the Dynam Tiger Moth from the scratch and dent section, the plane was purported to be in perfect shape, the issue was the box was not in good shape.

    I figured I'd save $30 and buy it, the plane arrived and I tested the servos with my servo tester and found that the one in the right wing is grinding and skipping.

    The replacement servo is 5 - 6 weeks out.

    I'm wondering if there would be any issues by using one of my spare Freewing servos in place of the Dynam servo. They are both 9g servos so I can't see that there would be a problem but ya never know so I thought I'd ask the group here for their opinion.

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    If it was a 90mm F-16 or something like that I would definitely use a matching set but on the TM you should be fine, just measure the travel and use the servo arm and control arm holes to match them up.
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      I would also double check that the servo speed is about the same, but if all that matches, you are good to go! I've have some strange issues with ailerons when one servo responded faster than the other..


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        Good thought on the servo speed, I hadn't considered that. I'll look at both of them to see if they match or are close. I made a mental note last night that the Dynam servos seemed slower than what I normally see but that could just be my imagination.


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          more in likely it will not match upa nd the arms will not work . The other issue is dynams normal servos maybe different from freewing servo direction. If I was going to do this I would replace both with the same MFG by doing this all will be correct in speed and throw.


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            I have a bunch of spare Freewing servos and arm, both normal and reverse. When the Dynam's come back in stock I'll be buying a few to have as spares.