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Proper Servos to use for 70" mxs 3d

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  • Proper Servos to use for 70" mxs 3d

    I am concentrating on building my 3d skills and have been flying my 60" mxs balsa monocoat electric. I am at the point of wanting to move up to a 72" WEIGHING :9.7-11lbs (4400g-5000g). After viewing the unbelievable flying skills of Jase Dussia with his 112" nitro birds I want the build to include some better performance servos than what I am now flying on the 60". Started researching and to tell you the truth I am more confused now than ever. Can anyone experienced with 3d builds recommend a suitable servo for my mxs which has top speed and torque.

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    I'm not knowledgeable about servos as others are in this forum, but you can try to check out this servo range I've found a while ago. Considering your weight requirement, their SM110 Servo Motor Series may be the one you're looking for since one of their products in this series weighs 4.9kg, which is just 100g below your desired weight.

    Hope this helps!