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Has anybody used the FMS display stand?

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  • Has anybody used the FMS display stand?

    Just curious if anybody has tried these. It says they’d support up to 50KG but look like they’d be lucky to support 5.

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      Looks like you could make one with parts from an ironing board.
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        Originally posted by Patrnflyr View Post

        Just curious if anybody has tried these. It says they’d support up to 50KG but look like they’d be lucky to support 5.
        It fully supports this guy's weight and I'll bet he weighs at least 100 pounds. Exactly how heavy of a model do you want to support?


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          Here is my observation on some of the stands I own (FMS V1 and HSD stand), as well as my thoughts on the FMS V2 stand that I do not own:

          I own the HSD aluminum anodized stand (not sure how many variations of this stand there are, but there are some) that have the locking teeth in the center pivot point, as well as own the FMS V1 steel (I think it’s steel) stand that adjusts via a squeeze handle under one of the cradles. The HSD stand is very lightweight being aluminum and seems to have plenty of strength to hold the models I own, but I dislike the plastic cradles the plane sits on. The plastic cradles of my HSD stand just rest on the aluminum stand without locking to the frame to keep the cradles secure, whereas the FMS V2 stand does look to have the cradles secured to the frame and they also look to be made of metal and not plastic. My HSD stand has a round tube frame, whereas the FMS V2 has flat portion of the inner frame, which may (or may not) help store the stand in a smaller footprint when collapsed, but I have yet to try a FMS V2 stand. My FMS V1 stand has a square frame design that looks to be made of steel, and therefore could be subject to rusting, and is much heavier than the HSD stand. My FMS V1 stand has a larger footprint, but seems a bit more sturdy to me when my models are on it (could be because of the width of the legs and the thick rubber grips on the legs). The FMS V1 has cradles that also secure to frame because the cradles are part of the frame since they are welded on, which may be a benefit for security, but cannot be removed if a person would want to do so. The squeeze handle design of the FMS V1 allows for quick and easy adjustments to stand height. However, I must also be careful to ensure the stand is locked before using it, and I visually check that. I’m not sure how reliable and durable the squeeze handle design will be, as it looks to be performed with a cable (not sure) that is run inside to the center locking mechanism, and I dislike the heavy design and material used. With the new FMS V2 stand, the adjustment is done at the center pivot point (no squeeze handle like the FMS V1) like the HSD stand, which may take a bit longer, and require a bit more effort, but it is easy to see and know that it’s locked/secured. The FMS V2 being aluminum is great for being lightweight, the locking mechanism seems sturdy (once again I’ve never owned a V2, at least not yet), the flat portion of the inner frame seems fantastic to potentially reduce the footprint once the stand is collapsed and stored, the cradles secure to the frame and therefore can be removable, and the cradles seems to have nice curvature that would suffice for many planes.

          I’d like to try a FMS V2 stand to see if it would be worth it for me to get rid of my other stands and purchasing the FMS V2.



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            Since, I am going to participate in a business expo, so I have selected an attractively designed display stand that matches my business niche perfectly, and I am sure that it will help attracting the audiences successfully.

            Go Displays have over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke exhibition stands, roller banners, pop up stands, display boards and office partitions. As the manufacturer, we use high-quality materials at a low price to deliver a cost-effective product which is guaranteed to excel.


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              This is great and cheaper.

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                Heck, just make one out of PVC pipe, definitely cheaper
                Here's a picture of the one Diane made from pics of Lon's, wing support one way, flip it over, fuselage support, works great Click image for larger version  Name:	Nefi 2017 004.JPG Views:	1 Size:	115.5 KB ID:	149565

                The one the P-40 wing is sitting on is strictly a wing support. Don't know what I did without them.

                Team Gross!


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                  Andym, Welcome to the "Squawk". Best, LB
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                    Originally posted by Patrnflyr View Post

                    Just curious if anybody has tried these. It says they’d support up to 50KG but look like they’d be lucky to support 5.
                    When I used to work for HK they sold these and we would use them as display stands at events. On a flat hard surface you should have nothing to worry about, but when we would be at Joe Nall let's say, we would drive stakes along the bottom to make sure some wind, or customer touching and bumping wouldn't knock them over.

                    But if you want one to actually work on a plane, and you'll be around the plane while doing that, then you shouldn't have a problem with them.


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                      I’m not sure about FMS display stands but I do use similar stands for my business and exhibitions.

                      I usually get all my stands from the same company. They literally have many display stand options and also make bespoke exhibition stands for whatever products you’ve got.

                      So maybe you can ask them if they’ve got the kind you want or you can just ask them to make a bespoke stand for you.

                      That would actually be better given the weight of your product.


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                        Wow, revival of a 4 year old thread about a plane stand. I would not have paid much attention to this but just a few weeks ago, a local at the field put his plane on one of these. It was on a grass surface, kept fairly tall (as opposed to shorter, closer to the ground) and moderate wind. As the owner walked back to his car to get something, the stand with plane on it began to blow over. I was close enough to reach over and stop it from smashing onto the ground. Personally, no thanks. Too expensive, too tippy and unstable. Besides, FMS are out of stock and if anything like many of their parts, will likely stay out of stock for months, maybe years.
                        The folding TV table leg is a better idea but still, at 40 bucks, is still too pricey. The PVC pipe stand is a good idea but takes up too much space when not needed.
                        OK, back to the moth balls for this thread.