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Revised Flight Manuals

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  • boomer108
    You have become the official chinglish interpreter Dan. Good work and thanks for your effort.

    Roy B.

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  • Dewey H Lee
    Way to go Dan. Your underpayedLOL. Hey appreciate it greatly.

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  • Grossman56
    Thanks Twowing!


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  • Twowingtj
    Nice work Dan! Thanks for stepping up.

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  • Grossman56
    started a topic Revised Flight Manuals

    Revised Flight Manuals

    Hey guys, probably the best way to keep up up-to-date on the revised manuals is to start a thread.
    I've had some inquiries as to what manuals have been completed and uploaded to the Motion RC Website, so here is the official list, so far..........

    Revised and Posted:

    Freewing P-51D
    Freewing Pandora
    Freewing F-14
    FlightLine RC F7F
    FlightLine RC F8F
    FlightLine RC 1600 mm Spitfire
    FlightLine Seafury
    FlightLine La-7
    FlightLine P-38
    FlightLine Ta 152
    FlightLine 1200 mm Spitfire
    RocHobby Beechcraft
    RocHobby Waco
    Freewing A-4
    Freewing A-10
    FlightLineRC 2000mm B-24 Liberator
    Freewing 70mm F-16
    Avanti S
    Freewing 80 mm Sabre
    BAe Hawk
    Mig 21
    90mm F-104 Starfighter

    Revised and awaiting Uploading:
    Freewing ME 262
    Freewing 64 mm F8-E
    Freewing Scorpion
    Freewing Rebel
    Freewing F-4 Phantom

    Hope you take advantage of the revised manuals, can't believe some of them were so poorly written, but hey, it (believe it or not) is a lot of fun correcting them, hope you enjoy, any feedback would be appreciated