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Bought an FMS 1400mm P51B last year, disassembled for transport.

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  • Bought an FMS 1400mm P51B last year, disassembled for transport.

    This is a pristine, unflown plane in my 'hangar' along with my FMS 1400mm FW190. The electronics are not the same under the cockpit lid. The Mustang has consolidated some of the connectors, Plus, I'd added 3 axis Spektrum gyro's to the circuits back when I first got the planes. I moved from Dallas to upstate NY and so I disassembled them. Shamefully, I didn't record what went where on the P51. The FW 190 is ready to go, but the P51 is without ailerons and the landing gears won't operate. One Flap works but not the other. Throttle, rudder and tailplane all work. Do one of you good people have a link to how the plugs are arranged or do you have a detailed picture of what goes where? Thanks, Dave

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    The manual for the Dallas Darling is located in the support tab of Motions product page for this FMS P-51B
    The manual has the wiring hook up.
    Here's a quick link to it.
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