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detram 60 amp esc

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  • detram 60 amp esc

    just upgraded my dynam hellcat with a 650 kv motor and 60 amp detrum speed controler... have this set up on all my 50 inch warbirds no probs so far... this time it has that stutter i have seen on some of the early u tube vids .... help req if possible.. i hav seen a card for tuning ,, but im a bit lost gota say these planes r a grat value with this setup

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    Pilot Ryan did a video for one of the Dynam planes that re-set the ESC in one of the later steps in the programming. That fixed the stutter. Check this out. Does yours do this?


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      exactly what iit does programming card req i think


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        thanx viper.. no card req.. looks simple enough ,will do this and get back


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          Originally posted by F4ucorsair View Post
          thanx viper.. no card req.. looks simple enough ,will do this and get back
          You just need the ESC manual, which should be included in most Dynam products. Two of my Dynam planes did this and both were fixed using the "beep" tone method.


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            The card makes it easier...
            Someone needs to make a list of what cards are cross-brand compatible with what other brands.

            I have a Turnigy card that is compatible with the old Dynam (Dynam label) ESCs. Not tested on Detrum labeled ESCs.
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              thanx guys..problem solved.its much better plane now