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Flight Line Products

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  • Flight Line Products

    I just bought my first flight line product, And the quality and craftsmanship that went into it is out standing and the best I've ever seen. I've been flying and buying from MRC and Horizon since 2012. I have crashed, burned and learned a lot about Rc in this time. I did haft to skip dinner a couple times in order to by one, But I'm so glad I did. Being an automotive tech by trade, I love the fact of just plug in a batt and go, Min maint, easy to repair, and no messy spills. So I was wondering what can we expect from Flight Line in the future?, especially in the war bird dept. I havent flown my Corsair yet, But I would gladly skip a few dinners for a Flight Line P51D Mustang with all the bells and whistles. And maybe even a F6F HellCat. The Spitfire looks great!! Just thinking out loud as I am a fighter pilot in heart, and WWII fighter aircraft are some of the most beautiful and fun flying rc aircraft for me. Looking forward to maiden my F4U Corsair bubble top very soon. From what I've seen, dont expect much problems, But just another fun filled day at the field. So how bout it MRC? Gives us a sneak peek into the future!!!
    Oct 29, 2019
    Oct 30, 2019
    Pacific NW Flyer  :arrow:

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    Pacific NW Flyer  :arrow:


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      FLY BOY Thanks for your continued support and the opportunity to earn your business, Fly Boy! I hope we make those skipped dinners worth the effort.

      There are a couple "wishlist" threads that seem to remain among the most read threads on Hobby Squawk, which I take as an encouragement. My favorite answer, whenever and wherever it is asked, to the question of "What's next?", is "Everything". It's not meant as a sassy reply, but rather as an earnest one, because it underscores our ambition to produce models throughout our existence. As long as Motion RC exists, we will endeavor to push the envelope, raise the bar, widen the hangar. Anything that moves, everything that's worth our (the global hobbyist's) investiture of time and skipped dinners.

      We're grateful for the continued chance to pursue
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        MRC will always have my business. I dont recall writing this thread, so sorry if I sound like Im ungrateful in any way. You may delete this thread if you like. I may have wrote it after a night out with the boys. MRC have always treated me right. The pricing is what it is. Have a great and awesome day.
        Pacific NW Flyer  :arrow:


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          Well, I also have just purchased my first Flightline product.....1.6m Spitfire and I love it! Amazing attention to detail, quality and really scale. I’d love a large FW190A to accompany it....hint hint.....

          ill definately be buying more Flightline products despite the price to get them ‘down under’

          Thanks Alpha and the team.